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Adventure Dad- Auckland/Singapore  This place is seriously a hidden treasure.Their motto "It's not just accommodation, it's an experience". could not be more perfect. My kids & I are city people, we have lived in NZ for 10 years. Simon, Veronica Lukah & Sophie gave us a Kiwi experience of which we did not even know existed. This is a special part of NZ history & culture not often shared.My kids 6, 8 & 14 were so entertained during our three day adventure the electronics were absent from their life for three whole days. I hadn't realised how often our family gets home & we all get soaked into them. This was a huge eye opening experience for us all. We played cards, walked around the farm, took torches out to find possums at night. We also watched stars at night for so long I was surprised when it was bed time. I honestly did not know their was so many ! The animals would all come once called & the kids could just not get enough of them! We road motorbikes, met animals that were so friendly they would sit beside us on the lawn ! Also the baby orphaned chicken was priceless & definitely the favorite ! The other animals like Lucky the pig & Jersey the cow also had great personalities however 'Chicken Little'. was just unique ! 
We felt like family as soon as we arrived & Simon's kids have to be an amazing drawcard. First thing in the morning they'd have my kids out of bed at the crack of dawn exploring the farm. My wife & I could sleep in . Sophie sat on my wife's knee on the first night & held her hand when meeting the animals as my wife was afraid of such big cows. Simon is also a Paramedic & gave us a very through safety briefing showing us fire extinguishers, first aid kits & emergency exits. We felt very safe in care. It's a real farm,. We're used to staying in Hotels, oh how we have been missing out. It is not 5 star, but it's a farm ! This is truly a family & personal bonding experience & something that we have all needed to experience. The accommodation is clean,tidy & comfortable. 
We all went to the range to do some air rifle shooting, baseball & golf. Then to the beach at Tarwhanui & played cricket with everyone, hunted for crabs, explored the rock pools and even tried to body surf. 
This whole experience reminded me of my childhood summer experiences, many years ago, before we had such modern technology. Oh how different it is for my children today. We have decided to make some changes after spending time here.
After too short of time our time was up & we had to go. 

Malcolm, Amy, Angela {23} & Mulan {15}, Sydney, Australia  "I had a very interesting and unique experience on the farm. Since I live in the city, in an apartment and I don’t have animals, I enjoyed feeding and playing with the dogs, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, cows and pigs. During my time on the farm, Simon taught me how to shear a sheep and also ride a motorbike!There are also many things to see and do in the area, such as snorkelling at Goat Island, horse-riding,  mini golf and many nice towns, beaches and walks to keep you occupied. Simon is a very friendly and hospitable host and I really enjoyed my unforgettable time on the farm. I enjoyed meeting Veronica, Sophie (6) and Lukah (8) too! They are great and nice people. We are very comfortable with them. I have traveled to 32 countries but would definitely NOT forget my stay in New Zealand's A Kiwi Farm Stay, Thank you so much!" – From Mulan.

Dermot {Dad} Meike {3}, Romy {6} & Tess {9}. Auckland, NZ.I cannot say enough to describe our stay. Simon is an incredible host who is so warm & friendly. His attention to the small things & his enthusiasm for ensuring his guests are comfortable and having a good time is incredible. I am a single dad with three girls and wanted them to have an experience on a farm for the weekend. We got this & more. Our adventure started & from the moment we arrived until we left was full on adventure. This is more than just staying on a farm or accommodation, it's an experience which solid memories are made of. Feeding animals, riding motorbikes, finding possums & playing hide & seek in the long grass. This place has got it all for a different type of adventure that you will never forget. An incredible story to remember, we'll be back soon.

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